Will Self-Driving Cars Reduce the Number of Auto Accidents?

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  • 07 Dec, 2016
Self-Driving Cars

Will Self-Driving Vehicles Mean Fewer Car Accidents?

With the movement toward self-driving cars, one of the key points for those who want to see them on the streets is that they will reduce the number of car accident claims. But is that really the case? Will these self-driving cars mean safer roadways and fewer accidents? It is entirely possible, given the technology that is being used and how it is being implemented, that these cars could make things safer for everyone. That is not to say that self-driving cars are free from errors, though, because there have been accidents involving them.

The cars have occasionally had problems with understanding their spatial relationship to other objects. In other words, they have failed to realize that another vehicle was in their path, and have not yielded right of way. This has happened with cars that were totally self-driving, and also with cars that offered an auto-pilot option for drivers. While this technology is far from perfect, the number of accidents that have taken place has also been surprisingly small for the number of these types of cars that have been tested and the number of miles the vehicles have logged.

For those who are concerned about a car accident or other type of personal injury involving a vehicle, the self-driving option may be a good choice. It can also make things much easier for people who have some trouble driving, or who need to get around but may not be in the best state to do so. For example, a self-driving car would be able to take someone home if they had too much to drink, or if they somehow were injured and not able to operate the gas pedal and brakes effectively, or steer with a damaged arm.

There are many options for ways that self-driving cars could be used, and the majority of those ways point to a significant reduction in the number of auto accidents that are seen on US roadways. However, there are also some concerns. The largest of these worries is based around the issue of who will be at fault in an accident. If no one is driving, how does insurance handle the collision? That question is one that has yet to be answered, and that will not likely have any easy answers. Only time will tell when it comes to how these issues can be addressed.

Anyone who has been involved in a car accident, whether with a self-driving car or an owner-operated vehicle, may need the services of an attorney who is comfortable with vehicle cases involving personal injury. By having the right attorney on your side, you can be provided with the opportunity for appropriate compensation. That can make a significant difference in your satisfaction with the outcome of your case. There are no guarantees, of course, and the hiring of an attorney for a car accident case is a serious decision that should not be taken lightly. This decision will likely become even more important as self-driving cars - and the potential for accidents involving them - become more common.

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